TCS 008: Using social platforms to connect with your customers – with Tony Hollingsworth

A fascinating discussion with Tony Hollingsworth who has been using social media since most of them began as a heavy user. His insights will save you literally years of learning.

Where to find Tony

Mobile: 0410 665 832

Twitter: @hollingsworth

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/tonyhollingsworth

Instragram: @tonyhollingsworth and @omptymedia

Tony’s suggested people to follow

Kate Carruthers – Twitter: @kcarruthers
Gavin Heaton – Twitter: @servantofchaos

Paul Wallbank – Twitter: @paulwallbank

Ompty Media

www.omptymedia.com are an amazing social media solution for restaurants that Tony helped create.

Instagram: @omptymedia

Timestamps of some highlights that when you click on the time the podcast starts playing a that exact part.

[00:07:08]           Tony talking about Kate Curuthers<
[00:07:08]           Twitter coffee mornings#coffeemornings you can still go to every Friday morning  at Single Origin Roasters in Surry Hills (Sydney NSW) from  7am-10am
[00:10:23]           Instagram and its uses
[00:10:48]           Teaching restaurants how to use instagram
[00:11:11]          Full service for providing by Omptymedia for example build website, do graphic design, print menus and posters and look after their social marketing.
Website: OmptyMedia.com
[00:11:52]           Biggest value add is connecting the foodies with the restaurants
[00:14:39]           Tony’s love of training. An example was teaching real estate agents to be social sellers
[00:15:31]           They teach how to use non paid and organic areas of social media for social selling
[00:15:46]           What happens when you google yourself online
[00:16:24]           Use social media to teach not to boast
[00:17:43]           Another social influencer is Gavin Heaton.
@servantofchaos on twitter and Gavin’s blog is at servantofchaos.com
[00:18:39]           Hashtags are like the radio station you can tune in to
[00:20:40]           Hugo Ortega from Etch Real Estate is really killing it using social media to reach his customers and share the journey.
Website: Etch Real Estate Twitter: @etchrealestate Instagram: @etchrealestate
[00:23:17]           Instagram stories are so powerful in the way they let you see what’s happening in the now on a 24 hour news cycle.
[00:24:54]           Paul Wallbank quote “Don’t build your house on rented land” the land in this case being the social media platforms. You still need a website to own your brand.
Twitter: @paulwallbank
[00:25:59]           IFTTT – If this then that tool  can be used to cross share to social platforms. For example pot a native photo to twitter from an instagram post.
Website: ifttt.com

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