TCS 005: What’s coming up and our co-hosts new drawing service

This is a very short podcast to cover 2 things.

Exciting upcoming shows

There are 2 new episodes coming out in the next few weeks which are fantastic interviews with

  • Trish Sait who talks about the rise of entrepreneurs in country areas.
  • Matt Featherstone a workplace coach who will help you look at your current job happiness or lack of in a new way

New drawing service offered by the 2 co-hosts Fynn and Sam.

My 2 co-hosts Fynn and Sam are offering drawings on request for any project where you need a drawing in child like style from actual children.

They are both quite good drawers as you will see from the examples via the link below. You could use the drawings for just about anything from commercial work, ads to party invitations.

The drawings are provides as images and vectors if line drawings which can then be scaled up to any size and be still very sharp in details.

The link to their service is here: tonycosentino.com/kids

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